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Willkommen in der iDelegacja.com

Welcome to our iDelegacja.com!

We offer professional support for all business trips or Delegation.

If you are looking for a service business trip, or have planned delegation.
Our company is happy to perform all the formalities related to purchase tickets, hotel reservations, visa performing or preparing an interpreter and local guide.

Traveled as a couple does not have to be a nightmare - just have a specialists like us!

Mr. Wenceslaus overbroad business to China, signs agreements...
Mr. Wenceslaus, a delegation from the Chief of the Moscow Trade Fair.
Mr. Witold years to China alone or with the Head of. ...
Mr. Charles issue in August at the fair in Russia, Ukraine...
Mr. Thomas looking for new partners in Kazakhstan...

All Businessmen benefit from our services, do not lose time! and are happy!

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